Why join us?

As you can see in the section « The role of physiotherapy in Parkinson’s disease » , adapted physical exercise in the context of this disease is a consensus within the scientific community. AThrough a subscription of € 9.90 / month, we offer a multitude of services. These services include :
  • An adapted physical exercise program with 3 levels of difficulty (easy / intermediate / difficult) renewed every week by our coach Nelson,
  • In addition to the programs, we offer videos that have the role of explaining how to perform the exercises. Each video was shot with people with Parkinson’s disease who are partners in the MVAP project. This is to allow you to better identify yourself and see how the exercises are achievable even with adaptation,
NB: The videos will also allow you to have an exercise database that you can do without moderation without necessarily following the edited programs.
  • Every week, we offer you a live adapted sports session with our coach Nelson to energize your weeks and thus create a meeting link between users of the platform,
NB: MVAP strives to set up physical places so that these weekly sports sessions can be even more user-friendly.
  • Also through live, we offer you once or twice a month, conferences by health professionals specialized in the management of Parkinson’s disease.
  • A forum is also at your disposal to be able to exchange with each other on the topics that interest you.
The exercises proposed in the latter are exercises carried out as part of a physiotherapeutic care. They are therefore adapted to Parkinson’s disease. However, subscribing to the sites is not reserved for Parkinson’s patients. Anyone wishing to join is free to do so. The services offered by MVAP are unique and innovative. Indeed, this is the first time that this type of tool has been created. We remind you once again that in no case do we wish to replace physical care. MVAP is a complementary service to your existing care and should in no way be your only therapy.