Who are we?


MieuxVivreAvecParkinson is an E-health platform specialized in self-rehabilitation of Parkinson’s disease.

Its founder, ClĂ©ment, was able during his health studies to confront the difficulty encountered by patients with Parkinson’s disease in finding therapists, and more particularly physiotherapists. In addition, even if patients manage to find physiotherapists, it is often reported that the care offered to them does not seem sufficient to them.

In view of these findings, action seemed necessary.

What could be better at a time when digital is appearing in many areas of our daily lives than a digital platform?

In this context and in collaboration with a coach in adapted physical activity, MieuxVivreAvecParkinson has found its origin.

Our goal is to accompany you by giving you keys to better understand your disease and thus better live with it.

By offering you content based on self-rehabilitation we help you become an actor of your disease.

To be an actor of one’s disease is to be able to live better with it.

We recommend that you consult the “Why join us” section to discover all the services of the platform.

Our approach is based on scientific evidence. To prove it to you, you can find in open access on our site summaries of scientific articles justifying the services we offer you.

Presentation of the MVAP APAS coach

Hello everyone, my name is Nelson TSIMI, I am 25 years old and I am an educator in adapted physical activity for health (APAS). My role within MVAP is to offer you physical exercises adapted to Parkinson’s disease. We have taken care to develop different categories of exercises with different levels to best meet your needs.

Here is my background:

I am a former top athlete. During this period of my life, I completed a STAPS license in physical activity adapted to health. This license allowed me to work in different structures and to encounter different pathologies. Over the years, the idea that drives me is always the same: to transfer the values acquired at the high level to the care of people with chronic pathologies and therefore a disability.

I consider a patient with parkinson’s disease to be an athlete. We are on a long-term and multidimensional programming. We will ask the patient to be constantly attentive to his state of health and performance, calibrate his daily life according to his sessions, care and desires. This requires teamwork with the various health professionals, sports educators but also with those around you.

My goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to carry out appropriate and regular physical activity.

Nelson TSIMI

MieuxVivreAvecParkinson is not intended to replace functional rehabilitation sessions performed by health professionals.