Role of physiotherapy

Rehabilitation occupies a major place in the life of the Parkinson’s patient. Physiotherapy seeks to slow down the evolution of motor and posture disorders. Physiotherapy is not really aimed at hypertonia or dyskinesias, which are not in themselves modifiable. It aims to combat akinesia and coordination disorders through active exercises that focus on the different parameters of movement (amplitude, speed, coordination). It focuses on the specific functional themes of Parkinson’s disease: balance, straightening, breathing, motor skill and locomotion. Physiotherapy intervention in Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis ( This meta-analysis published in August 2012 aims to evaluate the impact of physiotherapy on Parkinson’s disease versus no management of this type. Thanks to the latter, it is proven that physiotherapy has a significantly positive impact on walking speed, blocking disorders at the initiation of the step (freezing), on functional mobility and balance. Physiotherapy also has a significant impact on the reduction of falls. Clinicians use scales to assess several parameters in patients.. These include the UPDRSS scale, which is used to assess disability, and questionnaire 39, which is used to assess the quality of life in Parkinson’s patients. These scales saw their scores significantly improved after physiotherapy intervention versus no rehabilitative management. Note that this meta-analysis is not intended to identify the best physiotherapeutic treatment. It simply highlights the effects of rehabilitative care versus non-care. The conclusion of this meta-analysis is unequivocal: Physiotherapy is beneficial and effective in Parkinson’s disease. This meta-analysis reinforces our idea of offering content specific to self-rehabilitation for pd patients. In addition, it has been proven that physical exercise plays an important role in neuronal plasticity processes, which is why the proposed content is not only structured around rehabilitation exercises but also physical activity sessions in order to stimulate these processes as much as possible..