Parkinson’s rehabilitation methods #1

The field of neuro-rehabilitation is vast, and there is not a single method of rehabilitation but a multitude. Due to the inter-individual variability of motor or non-motor symptoms due to neurological disorders in the population, clinical trials are difficult to set up ! This is because at MVAP our thinking is that the best method is the one that suits the patient. Method with which he has the feeling of getting better, of progressing, and with which he feels confident. That we offer you a series of articles that highlight the different rehabilitation methods available in the context of the management of Parkinson’s disease.Of course, it is not because your therapist does not practice this method that he is not able to offer you effective care. Each therapist is free in the choice of the use of his methods. In addition, these various methods are mostly paid. Today, we invite you to discover the Allyane’s method .Allyane’s method is a neuromotor reprogramming method based on neuromotricity. 3 inseparable elements compose it:
  • A diagnostic assessment of motor inhibitions,
  • A work of motor imaging,
  • Listening to low-frequency sounds generated by a patented medical device.
Testimonial of a patient treated by according to the Allyane method:
To learn more about this rehabilitation method, we invite you to visit their website ->Allyane: the innovative neuromotor rehabilitation method